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I don’t usually share my brilliant insights as candidly as I’m about to, but I’m in a giving mood. The following are my extremely accurate predictions of how the future will look. I’ve even gone through and removed traces of doubt or hesitation. There are no doubts. This is how the future will look, or I’ll eat my shoe.



Improvements in engineering and computing will lead to massive unemployment as automated technologies replace jobs. Demand for employees with a STEM background will decrease because computers and robots will be smart enough to handle the calculations and computational observations that humans do. There will still be some demand for STEM employees, as they’ll be needed for research, analysis, and some elements of fine-tuning/filling in the gaps that are more difficult to automate.

how the future will look a complex machine


The most desired employees will be expert communicators and facilitators, people with an excess of soft skills who have just enough technical skills to understand relevant working dynamics and analyses. Economy will transition away from currency and toward scarce privileges. Employment will become less necessary, and “working hard” will disappear as the basis for societal value. Most importantly, suits will go away. The future will end the formal suit and tie.

a lego worker sweeping


Prostitution will be legal, but sex robots will radically reduce global prostitution and the need for sex workers. The availability of sex robots will alter many relationship dynamics as people lose the ability to weaponize sex. Wherever people stand on arguments of gender inequality and wage gaps, the financial aspect will end as the economy changes. Gender equality will be promoted under a word that doesn’t suffer from an inherent favoritism to any one-half of a binary pair.



Academic institutions will develop standards by which to reject pseudo-scientific elitist constructs and agendas that occupy academic platforms only to promote incomprehensible jargon and popularize heavy-handed demagoguery in public forums.

University education will be free but conditional. The economic evolution and employment landscape will affect the need  (lowering both the supply and demand) for qualified workers. Higher education will become a personal choice instead of an economic choice, and most programs offered in universities will be eliminated by on-line and virtual reality educational programs.


Transportation—how the future will look train tracks

People will attempt to hold onto manually-driven vehicles for several decades, but these vehicles will ultimately disappear and be replaced by mass public transit and self-driving vehicles that reduce risk and are more energy-efficient. Counter-intuitively, cities will become more populated and less congested.


Food and Health—

We will consume healthy food that tastes like whatever we want. Though we could reduce meals to a few variations that come in paste form, we will culturally elevate food and enjoy it as an extravagance. Exotic and dramatic foods will become commonplace for social gatherings and personal ceremonies.

how the future will look a robot manThere will be a myriad of automated exercise options, including liquid tanks with robotic appendages into which people strap themselves, virtual reality games with body suits that apply pressure and inform active movement, clothing that creates and promotes healthy resistance, and much more.
We will not only be able to replace body parts with cybernetic parts, but these parts will be, in every way, an upgrade to the organic parts they replace. We will be regularly replacing internal organs and malfunctioning body parts with superior products, and the average lifespan will climb to over 120.


a world map with religious symbolsReligion—

There will still be churches and religions, and their popular teachings will be almost entirely divorced from the records in their holy books (with exception to several devoted groups that will isolate themselves from society). Religious leaders will choose and heavily interpret a few passages from the holy books in ways that allow believers to embrace a secularized, modern set of social values while maintaining the title of an ancient set of beliefs that they poorly represent.

It’s possible that new “versions” of religions (ex. neo-Christianity and neo-Islam) will emerge to distance themselves from the current-day models that are becoming less convincing as authentic mouthpieces for divine authority, and are consequently creating a growing subculture of disillusioned skeptics.


an atari spaceship shootingRaw Materials and Space—

While the growth in engineering and robotics will lead to far greater efficiency with raw materials (and to better alternatives for waste disposal), we still encounter a need for more raw materials. We will remedy this problem by gaining the capacity to farm materials from asteroids in local asteroid fields. We will soon be farming space, and will soon thereafter be finding ways to inhabit space.

There will never be space combat in the manner presented in science fiction shows. Computers will reach such a high level of prediction that, even if two spaceships armed with weapons were to come face to face with each other with the intent to dual, both ships’ computer systems would compute every possible maneuver and would be able to identify the winner and loser with 99% certainty before the dogfight could even begin.



People will finally join me in being bored to death of football, baseball and soccer. In the UFC, Conor McGregor will be the champion of every single weight division. Seriously though, football and soccer will soon be held to the fact that they subject developing teenagers’ brains to an unacceptable level of concussions. Regardless of what happens with those sports in the short-term, a dramatic change in the economic model will eliminate physical professional sports leagues. The robotification of bodies will make athletic feats less impressive, and competition will take a different form, most likely in online strategy games like the ones I play. No bias though.


This Is How The Future Will Look —

Any questions? Any important topics I didn’t cover that you’d like me to discuss in the future? Anyone brave enough to challenge my sound reasoning as I spell out the inevitable? Do you think the future will look differently? Leave a comment.

a fractal image

This image represents the complexity of my understanding of the future.

Written by Space Cadet Dan
Space Cadet Dan has a BA in English and an MA in International Relations. Born in New Jersey, raised in Southern California and now a Colorado resident in the Denver suburbs, he enjoys traveling and getting in over his head debating controversial subjects.