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“Motorcycles are dangerous,” everyone and their overprotective mother says to me. Well that sure is a bias-confirming statement, isn’t it? Sure, motorcycles are dangerous and responsibility is very important. I ride one, I know. Trust me I know. Okay I get it, somebody you know died on one. Okay they’re more dangerous than cars. Yes, thank you. I’m going to get myself killed, yes. I’m stupid. I’m a dumb-ass. Thank you so much for your heartfelt advice. OKAY I GET IT!

Now excuse me while I go take off on my cool motorcycle in a blaze of glory leaving you in the dust.

motorcycles are dangerous crash broken wrist injury

Motorcycles are dangerous. Yes, we know.

I Got Hurt Once Because Motorcycles Are Dangerous

Yes, it’s true. I went down at a low-speed because of an oil spill mid-corner and a little inexperience in handling a slippery front tire, and I broke my wrist. Was I a dumb-ass? Nope, could have happened to anyone. The cop I talked to said it wasn’t my fault, almost nothing I could have done, and it just kinda happens sometimes. Not a big deal.

Could I have been injured doing some other kinds of activities as well? Absolutely. So what’s the deal? Why are Motorcycles seen as an especially dangerous way of having fun? Let’s be real, they’re associated with lawless hooliganry, thrill-seekers, drunk riders, and a lot of negative media exposure. We see videos and images of pavement-smeared riders daily in the news. However, we also have evidence of other very dangerous activities that aren’t so well featured in the news.

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So much safer guys. /sarcasm Photo Credit:

Bicycling Is Really Dangerous

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, cycling is the number one head-injury related sport in emergency room visits. This isn’t by a little bit, it’s twice as dangerous as American Football in this regard! With how much football-related head injuries are in the news, you wouldn’t guess that all of the concerned mothers should be worried about bicycles instead.

According to the NHTSA, there were 743 bicyclist-automobile related deaths in 2013, and about 48,000 injuries associated with automobiles for cyclists. Where are the scary headlines about how inherently dangerous bicycling is? If someone gets injured on a bicycle and then a few months later rides into work are people going to yell at him for “making the same mistake”? Obviously not. But if it were a motorcyclist, would they? Undoubtedly.

thinking motorcycles are dangerous responsibility

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Something To Think About

I’m not suggesting we be critical of cyclists. I’m saying we should be critical of people always giving others a hard time for what they choose to do on their own time. What I do for fun should make you happy, because I’m doing it for FUN. I could just sit around and be miserable and not socialize, exercise, get out in the sun, or whatever. I choose to go out and ride a motorcycle.

It’s none of your business and if you make it your business, have the courtesy to be positive about it. Yes I realize I’m going to die if the worst thing happens. I realize I’m going to get hurt if an accident happens. You could die or get hurt doing all sorts of other things besides motorcycling, like just sitting on the couch.

I won’t criticize you for how fast you ride your bicycle, so long as you don’t criticize me for the sin of just riding a motorcycle. Deal?

Written by Kevin Coleman
Kevin Coleman is an IT professional with a background in high volume restaurant management. A jack of all trades and a master of none, Kevin was born in Texas, raised in Southern California, and now lives in the Boulder area in Colorado, where he enjoys riding his motorcycle, competitive gaming, and tasting the greatest craft beers the area has to offer.