Mad max fury road uhd vudu summary

This is a review for the streamed version of Mad Max Fury Road UHD on Vudu. I will be covering the overall quality of the film in UHD stream. I will not be reviewing the movie’s story content or spoiling anything.

UHD blurays, as of writing this, aren’t out yet. There are, however, a handful of UHD movies from a few streaming services, and not all of them have the same films. For information on all the different providers that currently have UHD Streaming, check out this great article from “High-Def Digest.”

Picture Quality

I have every streamed version of this film, and the Mad Max Fury Road UHD version is noticeably better. Your initial assumption is that it’s only going to be more clear, but I found the picture to be much more vibrant. Yes, the version is clearer, but getting a picture that is more vibrant on top of that is a nice treat. This film is all about the color tones; it was purposely enhanced to give it the special look. The colors really pop out in this version, making this the perfect demo film for your 4K TV. Check out this video from Wired going over the FX to get an idea. Score 9/10

Sound Quality

This one really surprised me. I was not expecting the sound to be better than the HDX version. The UHD version actually comes with Dolby Atmos, the new surround sound integration that allows you to have speakers above your head or bouncing off the ceiling to give you sound that comes from overhead. This is brand new, and it’s a special treat to see they included it in the UHD version. Even if you don’t have a 7.2 Dolby Atmos system, the sound is still fantastic and enhanced on a 5.1 surround sound system. What they’ve done with the sound effects (especially the car engines) beckons you to crank the volume to 11. Score  10/10


To run UHD movies through Vudu, you’re required to have an Internet speed of at least 11mbps down. I ran it through the wifi, and it worked just fine. Not that a surround sound system is required, but this is a film that really shines with one. Do yourself a favor and make the investment. Of course, you need a 4K TV, so don’t bother otherwise. As of this review, the download to own this movie is $30 US dollars, and $10 US dollars to rent.


I was honestly blown away by this Mad Max Fury Road UHD stream. UHD bluray players are coming out soon, and a physical copy of a film is always better than a streamed version; because of this, I gave the picture quality a 9 out of 10. I have a feeling the UHD bluray version will be deserving of a 10 out of 10 for picture quality. The sound is music to my ears, the roaring of the vehicles is really great, and the movie has a good soundtrack to boot. Though the film is a bit steep in price at $30 US dollars, UHD is a brand new format, and new formats bring expensive price tags. Blurays were no different when they were released. So, should you buy this? The answer is a definite yes, unless you can hold off for the UHD bluray copy when UHD blurays are released. This is a film that should be in every film junkie’s collection.

Written by Michael Gitchell
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